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Resurgence in Marx

October 20, 2008


According to the BBC, sales of Marx’s Das Kapital are up more than 300% in Germany since the onset of the credit crunch, and have been on the rise since 2005.  Even the Times is asking whether Marx was on to something.  Could we be seeing the end of the popular embargo on Marxist thought? […]

Andrew Lehade’s Letter

October 18, 2008


This is a copy of the resignation letter of Andrew Lehade, manager of a small California hedge fund, who has decided to call it a day after making a killing betting against the sub-prime mortgage market.  Lehade rails against what he calls the ‘aristocracy’ of financial and government institutions in a week where Wall Street […]

Virtue Terrorists

August 24, 2007


“Mostly, what we’re concerned with is Jesus.” Whoever thought The Beatles were such a problem?

Democracy and Knowledge: Key Issues

July 31, 2007


We might draw an analogy between democracy and knowledge and the traditional philosophical tension between politics and truth. Philosophers since Socrates have tended to align philosophy with truth and rhetoric with the sophistic world of the political. However, ‘truth’ has connotations rather different to those of ‘knowledge’. While there are various philosophical conceptions of truth […]

Ron Paul: Republican

April 30, 2007


American politics needs more Republicans like this. Ron Paul is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative who is one of the most outspoken of the Republicans against the war. He offers a number of robust constitutionalist arguments against U.S. foreign policy. [YouTube=””%5D The more impotent democrats could learn a lot from this guy, that’s for sure. One wonders, […]

Fascist America?

April 24, 2007


Naomi Wolf has an interesting article in The Guardian today which compares the present climate in the United States with the ferment of fascism in the middle of the 20th Century in Europe. I would say it’s pretty uncomfortable reading. Here’s a summary of the list for all wannabe fascists to keep handy. 1.) Invoke […]

Philosophy in Nurseries

February 8, 2007

0 “Teachers will use pictures and stories to stimulate debate, rather than imparting theories or the views of particular philosophers.” Well, that’s pretty much fair enough seeing as most undergraduates don’t really engage with particular philosophies in any depth. However, what are they going to be talking about? Here are the ten ‘themes’: Happiness […]