CFP: Anarchism and Moral Philosophy

Posted on December 13, 2007


The Anarchist Studies Network: A Political Studies Association
Specialist Group for the Study of Anarchism

Is organising a conference on the theme of Anarchism and Moral Philosophy and invites submissions for panels on Anarchism and moral Philosophy, whether in terms of meta-ethics (such what is the status of ethical judgements? From where do they derive?), normative ethics (such as what are the moral principles that distinguish anarchism from other movements? Is Nozickian libertarianism compatible with anarchism?) and applied ethics (when is direct action justifiable? Is the exploitation of animals more important than the exploitation of humans?).

Anarchist thought and ethics has always been intimately interconnected, whether in the overt discussions of ethics found in the works of the classical anarchist such as William Godwin and Peter Kropotkin, or in the moral language which infuses the discussions and debate of contemporary activists in their assessment of agency, methods and goals.

Whilst this call for papers is directed at those thinkers with specialist interests in moral philosophy, in keeping with the openness and questioning of disciplinary and social divisions we also welcome submissions and contributions from who cross disciplinary boundaries and those outside of academia.

Abstracts should be sent in the first instance to Benjamin Franks or Matt Wilson

Abstracts should arrive no later than Saturday 1st March 2008.