Fascist America?

Posted on April 24, 2007


Naomi Wolf has an interesting article in The Guardian today which compares the present climate in the United States with the ferment of fascism in the middle of the 20th Century in Europe. I would say it’s pretty uncomfortable reading. Here’s a summary of the list for all wannabe fascists to keep handy.

1.) Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy (Al-Quaida)

2.) Create a gulag (Guantanamo)

3.) Develop a thug caste

4.) Set up an internal surveillance system (Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001)

5.) Harass citizens’ groups (Counterintelligence Field Activity)

6.) Engage in arbitrary detention and release

7.) Target key individuals

8.) Control the press (CNN, Fox)

9.) Dissent equals treason (Military Commissions Act of 2006)

10.) Suspend the rule of law (John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007)

Full article here. It’s all a bit too much like 1984 again for me. What I have trouble understanding is this: we all know that there is a hard core of ultra right republicans who want to see this kind of thing happen, but how do the rest of the people in the U.S. let them get this kind of legislation through?