Philosophy in Nurseries

Posted on February 8, 2007


“Teachers will use pictures and stories to stimulate debate, rather than imparting theories or the views of particular philosophers.”

Well, that’s pretty much fair enough seeing as most undergraduates don’t really engage with particular philosophies in any depth. However, what are they going to be talking about? Here are the ten ‘themes’:

Happiness – GoodnessServiceBeautyPatience

KnowledgeWisdom – Justice – MyselfTruth

So, we won’t be doing Nietzsche’s critique of Judaism, then? Maybe ressentiment is a bit much for primary school. Perhaps worringly, the programme aims at increasing ’emotional intelligence’, which seems to amount to the same moral lesson as was being taught religiously:  more emotion than intelligence.  No real harm there, but iIf you really wanted the kids to think for themselves, why not get them to ponder something a bit more controversial than ‘goodness’, ‘patience’ and ‘service’?