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The Wicker Man

January 30, 2007


I was just in the process of looking for some comments I made on the lemmings.blogspot blog (which are here in case you are interested) I found numerous references on talkboard, forums and film sites to the article I wrote on ‘The Wicker Man’ for a couple of years ago. If you want to […]

Zizek on Film Theory

January 29, 2007


Lacanian musings from Žižek, who claims to be a Hegelian in the way he watches films: i.e. he “sacrifices the movie” for the real experience… whatever that means.

Plain English

January 4, 2007


Kantian aesthetics made a controversial appearance in the annual ‘Golden Bull’ awards after the Plain English Campaign gave their annual award for “the worst examples of written tripe” to Germaine Greer. The award was given for the following passage from the pages of The Guardian. “Art exists for no purpose beyond itself. The first attribute […]

Foucault/Chomsky Debate

January 1, 2007


The entire 12 minute clip from Dutch TV in 1974