Mistaken Identity

Posted on November 22, 2006


This entry might be filed under what Wikipedia refers to as ‘disambiguation’. The internet – and especially Google – makes it easier than ever to know who shares your name and what they do, anywhere in the world. If you haven’t tried before, I suggest you Google your name and see what comes up. If you have a very common name, you’ll no doubt be used to people sharing it; if your name is particularly unusual – you know who you are, Moonunit Riversong Autumn Belle – then maybe you have it to yourself. My own name is one I would expect others to have, but here, just for the record are the Robert Farrows I am NOT. (I concentrate on those with higher-profile internet presence as these are the ones most likely to cause confusion.)

One Robert Farrow builds models of houses. Another appears to be the former vice-president of the Hawaiian Fencing Assoiation. This Robert Farrow works at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation School of Cardiovascular Perfusion. Yet another is the Bishop of Rhode Island.

This Robert Farrow might be the most stacked of us all. Like him, I am fond of cheesecake and pizza. I am less fond of snacking on Nitro Cell Drive, Nitro Amino Armor and Nitro XP Protein.

It might not be so bad to be mistaken for a buff member of Team Nitro, but the prize for most unwanted namesake has to go to Robert Farrow of The Baltimore Reporter a hate-filled neo-con religious right blog which exists to ‘counter the bias of the liberal media’; all of it, presumably. I’m torn between advising you to go to the site (because it borders on self-parody – is this what Adorno calls mimesis?) and advising you to stay as far away from its toxicity as possible. According to Examiner.com he works as a director of a nursing home: unlike yours truly.

You can read more about my own background here.

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